For Startups



VCIC is a competition in which MBA students play the role of Venture Capitalists and real entrepreneurs (like yourself) pitch to them (MBA student VC teams). There will be a panel of judges (real VCs and business angels) who will observe how you pitch to receive funding and handle tricky situations.

The main focus of this competition includes showing a good understanding of your investment process under pressure. You will walk away with a wealth of worldly advice to better your startup, and if you are lucky enough, an investment from the real VCs themselves!

On a global scale VCIC includes 50 events in four continents, and serves 1,000 students, 150 venture capitalists and 100 entrepreneurs and we hope to include you too. VCIC is designed first and foremost for the student experience, and the system has proven to be tremendously successful, based on the response from top MBA programs.

Maybe you are wondering what you could possible gain from spending time away from business development on a competition like ours? Well there are a number of reasons for that:

  • The event has 8-12 venture capitalist judges and business angels; with whom you spend an entire day with.
  • More than 25% of the start-ups who present at VCIC go on to raise venture funding.
  • You create awareness about your start-up with top of the line MBA-students whom could be considerer:
    • Potential employees.
    • Potential co-founders for future projects.
    • Potential interns.
    • Potential future venture capitial representatives.
    • Potential future investors
    • Key to building up an influential network.