About VCIC


The Venture Capital Investment Competition is an entirely unique event in which MBA students emulate the life of Venture Capitalists. The “VCIC Experience” is a WIN-WIN-WIN convergence of three elite groups: top MBA students, visionary startups and successful venture capitalists, each of whom can learn much from the others.

VCIC began in the middle of the technology bubble in 1998 as an educational event for MBA students to learn about venture funding. Now in its 20th year, through good times and bad in the venture industry, VCIC has evolved into a marketplace for entrepreneurs seeking investors and a training ground for future venture capitalists.

VCIC currently includes over 50 events on four continents, and has served more than 1,000 students, 150 venture capitalists and 100 startups. The program is akin to a network of mini-venture fairs, wherein about 25% of the startups who present go on to raise venture funding.

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At the core of the event is a creative turn of the tables. Unlike business plan competitions in which students pitch their own ideas to investors, at VCIC the students are the investors, and real entrepreneurs pitch to them. It is a very powerful learning experience for both parties.

Watch the video below from our North European Finale 2016 to get a better understanding of the event, the participants and VCIC DK.

The organizers of VCIC are quick to point out that the mission of the program is educational non-profit, not commercial, and none of the deals are known to have been initiated at a VCIC event. “We are focused on teaching students about financing new ventures, and the most effective way to do that is to expose them to the best deals and investors. Lucky for us, the best entrepreneurs and VCs like to meet each other, too”.